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Empowering - is giving power, investing with power, authority and strength.


How can I empower anyone for anything??

Because I am empowering myself everyday. Throughout my life I was trying to empower myself in different ways. I did it through hiding my fears, suppressing my emotions, pretending to be strong, worrying about my reputation. I tried to be powerful through being agressive, rude, dominant and arrogant. I tried many ways but everytime I would come home and feel myself like a mouse. I had to worry everytime - "Will I be able to sustain my power tomorrow?", "What if I will not be able to make it?", "What if I accidently show my weaknesess?". Eventually I became so full of fears and worries about how to keep this very power alive, that gradually I started feeling myself weaker and weaker.


Now I know that all these things that I was trying to do in my life had nothing to do with real power. They were only imitation of power.

REAL POWER comes from being yourself, valuing and not judging yourself for the past, in the present and in the future. POWER comes from loving your own existence as the only unique and special existence without which Universe is not complete. POWER comes from chilled out mind which knows that you cannot loose this game no matter which path you take.


Finally, power comes from surrender, acceptance and stop of any fighting and struggles with life flow. Power comes from TRUST. Trust that existence is perfect by design and whatever will happen will ALWAYS happen to your own good.



If I can help YOU in any way - I would be delighted to speak to you!





Duration:  2 hours 

Price:  50 euros



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