Distant healing

I do healing in 2 ways - when people come to me physically while I'm in Cyprus (local healing) and I do it online through Skype (distant healing).



Duration: 90 minutes

Session includes:

20 minutes - preparation for healing (conversation)

40 minutes - actual healing (silent part)

30 minutes - discussion of results

Price: 50 euros


Before you start healing, I recommend you to order a quick snapshot of your present key emotions and thoughts on my Diagnostics page.  


Do I need distant healing session?


Distant healing is for everyone who wants to get rid of their fears, emotional pains, feeling of guilt, feeling of victim or any other negative feeling and thoughts that spoil your life, be it from the past, present or future. Not many people realise that every single emotion is recorded inside of us and can come up on surface any moment, so by just forgetting about it or suppressing it things do not dissapear. Besides, the original negative thoughts that caused such emotions are also present inside of us. Healing is not to be taken lightly - it requires your desire, courage to face fears, your intention to heal yourself, to take responsibility for your own process of healing. Things are not removed in 10 minutes or in 1 session, but with each session they DO get removed. Healing - is gradual, sometimes challenging process that eventually brings easiness and relaxation back into you life!



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