" Your mission is to help people in the coming years. Your activation is taking place in 2011 and for the next 14 years you will be what is called the “warrior of the light”. You are going to guide other people and you will be quite well-known. This is what you came for -  Prophecy, Healing and Teaching".

 UK psychic Carol Clarke, 2010



 Below is a short description of my past. It's not who I am today - it is a description of how my personality so to say evolved over the time.

I was born on 18 July 1978 in Russia (Siberia). Today I am known as Vit Sirius - name that was taken by me in 2009 during my spiritual awakening. I don't really remember much from my earliest years of life. When I was 2 years old, our family moved to Ukraine. After graduation at the age of 21 I got the opportunity to study English language for 2 weeks in UK as a part of student exchange program. Although the program was meant to last 2 weeks, I ended up staying in London for 14 years... 

Major shifts of my life started in 2004. As with most of the humans, I was pursuing my personal goals imposed by the parents and society. Main purpose was - to achieve as much as possible in order to be better then others and not to be a looser in life. I achieved a lot on educational front, received multiple certificates and diplomas and I was facing wonderful career in business, investment and computer sciences.

My bright future collapsed in a matter of few weeks of summer 2004. I was so much obsessed with achieving things on education and career front that I almost exhausted myself. I decide to give myself a 3 month break, totally forget about any tension and enjoy all pleasures of life to the full extent. Relaxation time turned into the week of self abuse, social misconduct, non-stop wild partying, regular binge drinking, drink driving and  heavy smoking. Deep inside I was different and I guess I always hated what I was doing therefore such crazy life style couldn't last for too long. Eventually I got arrested. I received multiple charges for all kind of misconduct in a span of 2 weeks. Because of multiple charges I wasn't allowed to be released on bail and I got locked up in a prison. I was in shock. Now instead of having bright prospective future on career and education fronts I was sitting in prison cell thinking of ruined future. I didn't realised how serious things were until the whole prosecution process started to gain momentum. I was facing spending at least few years in prison according to British laws with further deportation back to Ukraine. In a few weeks time I lost all my material things, money, friends, girlfriends, and even parents withdrew their support from me. This was the first time when I stopped living robotic life and I started asking conscious questions about my life "What the hell is going on? Why do I always do horrible things to myself? What's going to happen with me? Who is in charge of my life? "  More and more questions everyday. Rage + fear + anger + total confusion and no answers. But I believe that to be the start of my spiritual journey because I was ready to make quality changes to my life.

When i totally lost any hope and accepted fact that I would have to spend time in a prison some "other forces" intervened. All of a sudden things started to work in my favour. Charges against me fell apart one by one without my intervention whatsoever.  It seems that there were some higher powers that operated beyond my human rational control and that I had no clue about.  One by one all cases were dropped with either no evidence or because of no substance and eventually I was fully cleared of all charges. All that happened to me was like a bad dream with happy end. Finally I was free to go and live my life. I never looked back to my career, education, to my previous life goals and previous future plans.

I visited my parents in Ukraine and told them that I didn't want to go by their directions but only by my own vision of life. I received "heavy treatment" back from my parents. Rejection, constant arguments, blame, verbal abuse was going on for few years. Only later on I realised how much such "special" relationships were based on heavy guilt and dependency and always resulted in blaming each other, inner hate and other painful emotions. Now I realise that my parents put me on the right track in my own spiritual journey because otherwise I would never get rid of dependent relationships by myself living in fear to fail expectations of my parents and feeling guilty for every past mistake. My parents were just other parts of me saying to me  - "Get away! Live your own life! Start your own journey!"

So I started my own journey. Going inside brought me complete lack of motivation to do anything outside. Becoming robot-like part of the society was not attractive option for me anymore. I didn't want to work 9 to 5 and I didn't want to work for anyone else.  To support myself and my partner I did all kind of things (even selling 1 penny things on Ebay) and changed my occupations hundred times just to get some money. At some stages we were completely out of money and I had to ask for social benefits to survive. But I always had some means to continue doing what I wanted to do.

Although my journey was meant to be inner, I still heavily looked for truth in the outside world. At some point I got myself involved into conspiracy stuff.  I got myself familiar with books of David Icke and similar conspiracy authors. But after spending few years on filling my head with tons of guru teaching and fearful conspiracy information, I realised that I am going nowhere but increased tension, fear and anger within myself. I was not happy about it and I wasn't happy about the fact that my vision of life is shaped by total negativity. I didn't see the point of knowing more things about the world but being unhappy about it. 

I started to loose interest in conspiracy stuff. Simultaneously I expressed increasing interest in psychic powers, clairvoyant people, mediums and so on.  I was very much fascinated by psychic access to universal knowledge but I just wasn't happy about repeated and limited interpretations of this knowledge by many psychics. I came to understand that psychic abilities is not a reflection of spiritual capacity of the person. People can use their psychic abilities to expand spirituality but it can also be used to share fear and negativity.

In 2008 I opened up the world of mind-altering herbs when I got introduced me to South-American herbal mixture called Ayahuasca. I visited Brazil twice at that time but didn't have a chance to have session with local shaman. I ended up doing all sessions by myself. My friendship with Ayahusca continue for about 3 following years and I ended up doing around 30 Ayahuasca session on my own. First sessions were quite difficult to handle, but with each further session things got easier and finally I started to get more gentle and more planned experiences. I prepared my spiritual questions on paper and my guiding voice was taking me on the journey methodically answering each question in different order. I received a lot of spiritual revelations and on few occasions I had extremely blissful experiences of Love and unity with Source. Since then this blissful memory is always in me. Eventually I stopped doing those sessions because new things were coming into my life.  I believe that mind-altering herbs have massive potential for mind and body healing and I am very grateful to those experiences and to powerful Ayahuasca herb for taking me to the beautiful realms beyond our rations thought system.

In 2009 I moved to Cyprus as I felt that I needed to be in a small isolated place where I could get into special mind state without being bombarded by intense vibrations of the big city like London. Sea waters and sunshine really helped me to switch my mind from constant mode of survival which is what I felt while living in London to more relaxed and peaceful state so I could focus on my inner thoughts and perceptions.  

In 2010 I came across psychic lady Carol Clarke who was mentioned in one of the David Icke's books. I received few reading from her which quite shocked me by the depth of the insights. She was the first psychic who told me about my own strong psychic gifts that would be activated within 1 year. This was strange as I never had any psychic experiences before and no one in my family ever spoke about it. Nothing was happening for almost a year but in November of 2011 I felt a strong urge to stay in my bed without seeing or talking to anyone. All I wanted was constant meditation.  I ended up meditating for almost 3 months to the point where I was able to visualise some energies or emotions that existed within me. After 1 month I conducted few experimental hypnotherapy sessions with my wife and I was able to correctly identify some of her emotions and thoughts. Basically, in 3 months time I activated the gift of clairknowing where I would receive answers to my questions through body sensations, feelings and from inner voice felt in my solar plexus area.

I was able to question myself with hundreds of questions, including personal life and global historical events. A lot of information that I interpreted was very much different from what I used to know before. Finally I got to know that my psychic gifts were not something specific to me and weren't even gifts in a first place, but rather natural state of every human, inborn channel of communication. 

The whole of 2012 I spent in self healing and in one years time I was ready to share my healing techniques with others. At that time I also decided to share my spiritual views through Internet and Youtube. Self healing resulted in many minor changes in my mind perceptions and affected my physical health.  I felt that my body changed, my eyes and eyesight changed, some minor physical problems disappeared, some blocked areas disappeared from my head and other parts of my body. Even my perception of hot and cold temperatures changed.  Body is excellent spiritual learning device that totally reflects our core thoughts and beliefs and so we can learn a lot by just silently observing reaction of our body and questioning the underlying thoughts and emotions.

Year 2013 turned out to be a year of "collapse of my illusions". No matter what I was trying to do according to my past experience - it didn't work. Every expectation based on past failed. My ego part was still obsessed with pursuing common life goals - money, status, et. but my other half was constantly pushing for a new perceptions and realising new values in life. In order to catch up with life flow, I had to leave London altogether and moved to Eastern Europe,  firstly Ukraine then Moldova. After UK, those places provided me with quiet environment where i could reflect on my current perceptions and values and think of a new directions in life.

Experiences of 2013 taught me a lot. Finally I had to admit that those things that didn't work for me were the things that I deeply hated in a first place and never wanted them in my life. I was insane to believe that I will become happy by getting something that I hated from the start and replicate illusory success of others. This is how I become aware of what mind illusions are.

2014 was a true year of healing in a full sense. Mind cleares up, emotions dissolve, body gets lighter and healthier just with a  gentle shift in mind state, in perceptions. Mind therapy becomes the only healing instrument for me. Forgiveness of everybody from my past becomes the only door to end the dream of separation. I will do my best to open that door.


Thank you,

Vit Sirius (8 September 2014)